What is Telehealth and Does it Work?

Telehealth allows you to have effective counseling in the privacy and convenience of your own home via video conferencing.  I use a HIPAA-compliant encrypted program that is much more secure than Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.  All you need is a smartphone, a laptop, tablet, or desktop.  I send you a link in a text or email which you click on and your session begins at your appointment time.

Here are the benefits my clients really like:

  • Increased safety.  With the Covid concerns, therapy in an enclosed office without good air circulation and without masks (and you can’t do therapy with masks on!) is not considered safe by health professionals.
  • Convenience.  Since my license allows me to work with anyone in California, my clients love that they don’t have to drive to and fro my office.  They just sit down in the comfort of their own home at their computer or with their phone and click on a link.  Lots of saved time!  I currently have 2 clients whose commute to my office would have taken four hours round trip.
  • Therapy is done in the client’s real world and not in a formal office setting removed from their life.  This means that the new ways of thinking, acting, and feeling that are learned in a session are associated with the client’s own environment, increasing the chances they’ll be practiced in real life.

Psychology research studies have shown that therapy via telehealth works just as well as in-person sessions.  Since I began exclusively doing telehealth sessions in March of 2020, I have seen similar positive results to what I experienced for many years in my office.

I welcome your call with any questions you have about how teletherapy will work for you!

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