I have been practicing in California for over 40 years, working with men, women, teenagers, children, and couples. Many of my referrals are from former clients, other professionals, local churches, and caring friends and family of the client. Together we clarify your goals our first session and begin with some practical suggestions. I coach in a warm, supportive, and professional style for you to solve problems and feel better. Call and I will be pleased to answer your questions about my telehealth services provided for you in the privacy and convenience of your home.

In marriage counseling I see the marriage itself as the client, working to support and improve your marriage. I use John Gottman’s approach, who studied over 3000 couples, some for 30 years, to use the suggestions and techniques that work best for making your marriage a good one again. For depression and anxiety I use cognitive/behavioral therapy which research shows has a high success rate.

I have now given over 400 seminars on stress management to, among others, IBM, NBC, the Navy, and the faculty of Fuller Seminary. For 10 years I’ve been the main speaker at a large Divorce Recovery Workshop which has had over 16,000 attend it since 1981.

Some clients still come in due to pandemic issues, wanting help with anxiety, depression, and adjusting to “the new normal.” Many are grieving the loss of routines. Many relationships became frayed and need repair.

*I was on the board of directors for the National Fibromyalgia Association for 7 years.

Support. Motivation. Perspective. Tools.
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