Divorce Recovery and Singles Issues

Divorce Recovery and Singles Issues

“I never planned on this!  What will become of me?  How will my parents and friends react?  I hate to be a burden, but I need someone to talk to.  What impact will this divorce have on my career, my kids, my standard of living, my home, my friendships?  I am at once bewildered, embarrassed, hurt, and angry.  Why did God let this happen?

I’ve heard all these concerns many times in my practice and as the main speaker for ten years at a large divorce recovery workshop that has had over 16,000 attend since 1981.  Divorce recovery and working with singles has been an important specialty of mine ever since I went through a divorce myself over 30 years ago.  I learned much through my own experience, those I’ve counselled, and keeping up with the psychology research as to what works in facilitating healing and moving forward.  As Jim Smoke has said, “You can go through your divorce or you can grow through it.”

Whether you are at the beginning of the divorce process, in the middle of it, or even years later still affected by it, it is possible to grow through it where you wind up stronger than before.  Here are common divorce recovery goals:

  • Get stabilized after the initial shock.
  • Stop procrastinating and move your life forward.
  • Cope with your ex and manage your anger.
  • Learn ways to reduce your stress without escaping responsibilities.
  • Let go of resentment and bitterness.
  • Parenting guidelines to reduce the negative impact on your kids.
  • Strategies for dating.
  • Develop a sense of wholeness as a single person

Though times may be hard now, as long as you are alive, you can write a brand new chapter in the story of your life.  Give me a call and get started on a journey of recovery.

For information on the book I’ve written on divorce recovery, click here.

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