About Dr. John Fry

About Dr. John Fry

I have had a general practice in Southern California for 40 years working with men, women, teenagers, children, and marriages. Many referrals are from former clients, other professionals, local churches, and caring friends and relatives of those having problems. I work hard at keeping up with the latest research on what works best for your particular problems.

I believe in setting goals and coaching in a warm, supportive, and professional style for you to solve problems and to feel better. In marriage counseling I see your marriage itself as the client, working to support and improve it.

I have also given over 400 seminars on stress management to, among others, IBM, NBC, Farmers Insurance, the U.S. Navy, The Los Angeles Times, and the faculties of Fuller Theological Seminary.

My wife Elizabeth and I and our two Westies live across the street from a children’s park. I am an avid Angels fan. I also collect artifacts and coins from ancient Rome, Greece, and Israel. I have just put the finishing touches on a book with the tentative title, Write your New Story: A Practical Guide to Divorce Recovery.

Support. Motivation. Perspective. Tools.
Write Your New Story.