Managing Stress
           In Business and Professional Life
                       Workshops on Positive Coping with Job Stress
                                                                                                  with DR. JOHN FRY
       John is a Psychologist who combines a private practice in Newport Beach, California with consulting and seminar services.  He has delivered over 400 workshops on stress management to, among others, IBM, NBC, Farmers Insurance, the U.S. Navy, The Los Angeles Times, and the faculties of Fuller Theological Seminary.  His approach for all seminars is the delivery of practical information and training in an upbeat, interactive style, responsive to attendees' needs, with openness, humor, and handouts.


  • how to be effective under pressure
  • how to convert worry into productive problem solving
  • how to change procrastination into productivity
  • how to lower physical tension on-the-spot in difficult situations
  • effective tactics against insomnia before or after a big day
  • methods of turning the stresses of business and professional
    life into productive energy for yourself and others
  • coping skills for worries, dark thoughts, and down days

       This is not "escape training."  The focus is on enhancing employees skills at staying physically and emotionally calm in the stressful situation while keeping productivity high. 
This is a seminar on how to be stronger under pressure!

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John S. Fry, Ph.D.
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